A Totally Subjective Round-Up of Brian Wilson/Beach Boys News, Gossip & Trivia

Monday, December 19, 2005

Brief Interview With Brian Wilson

LF PRESS Clive Davis “convinced me [that making a Christmas album] would be a good idea," said Brian Wilson on the phone from Los Angeles. "I never wanted to since the Beach Boys."

"It brought back memories of when we used to carol. My whole family went door-to-door. I enjoyed it very much," said Wilson.

"I love those songs. They're great songs."

Of life these days, Wilson says: "I'm very grateful. Yes."

He's planning yet another album as well as a tour for next year. "I have a couple of songs written. They are just melodies. I don't have any lyrics yet," said Wilson.

He says he won't be including his cousin Mike Love in family get-togethers. "No. Doubt it." he said.