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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Noted Beach Boys Expert Peter Reum Expounds On Mike's Most Recent Lawsuit

According to PETER REUM'S posting on the SMILEY SMILE MESSAGE BOARD:

"The Beach Boys, as a contemporary recording group, ended in 1985. That album did not sell well. From then on, it has only been greatest hits compilations that sold meaningfully.

As a concert group, Brian is outdrawing Mike's band in several venues across the country, and in the UK. Furthermore, Mike's license is coming up for renewal.

So, for Mike, Brian is out doing songs Brian and he wrote, and creating a new identity independent of the BBs. Brian's career is ascending, Mike is playing auto shows and county fairs. I'd be worried if I were Mike too.

What his real agenda is, is probably related to these issues. Fact is, Brian is now seen as an entity separate from the BBs. Hell, he's presenting at the American Musc Awards this year. Did they ask 'The Beach Boys?'

Mike probably feels somewhat threatened by Brian's resurgence, and somewhat upset that he spent 44 years out singing his butt off, only to be ecilpsed by Brian, using Brian's name recognition as a former Beach Boy.

Those are some of the issues I see flying around. What Mike 'wants' is for Brian to either join him or dissappear, so Mike can keep making money. That's the agenda as I see it.

One other thought has occured to me, and that is Brian has shown a great deal of disrespect for the efforts that Mike Love and Carl Wilson made in keeping the music alive while Brian was ill. I think Brian popping off about how his new band is better than the BBs really mijado off the remaining BBs.

The idea that instrumentally, that is true, in my opinion, is not the point. The fact is that Brian was carried during his illness for many years in the BBs' eyes, and his remarks probably smack of arrogance and ungratitude from their point of view.

I am not going to argue one side or the other. I am trying to sort out how this family insanity came to pass, and I think from Mike's point of view, some of the reasons are those I stated above.

In this sort of family acrimony, the first thing to do is try to sort out what peoples' REAL feelings are. There can be a thousand stupid reasons stated for what is happening, but feelings are what is real.

Mike seems to operate from a base of anger, an a secondary emotion, covering abandonment, isolation, envy, being wronged, fear, and jealousy. It sounds in the text of the lawsuit, at least as revealed so far, there is a strong undercurrent of all of these emotions.

As I have said before, these two men sound very much like two old lovers, now married in name only, fighting over the property in a divorce action from a love that has long grown cold. Mike sounds like an angry separated wife, and it is very sad, because I believe he still is trying to love his cousin, but doesn't know how or why the fire went out, nor does Brian.

This suit will be settled long before it goes to trial. In my opinion, there are some specific things Mike is probably wanting, and his real agenda will emerge when they begin negotiations."