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Monday, November 07, 2005

Mike Love Attempts To Pull Foot Out Of Mouth


November 07, 2005 05:36 PM US Eastern Timezone

Beach Boy Mike Love Speaks out; Files Suit Alleging International Advertising & Marketing Scheme; The Mail on Sunday, Associated Newspapers Ltd., Bigtime.TV, Sanctuary Records Group, Brian Wilson and Others Named

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 7, 2005--Mike Love, lead singer and co-founder of the Beach Boys, filed a law-suit in Federal Court against several English companies and London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, in connection with an alleged fraudulent scheme to misappropriate his name and image, and to infringe on the rights to many of his famous hit songs, including "California Girls," "Good Vibrations," according to Mike Flynn of Flynn & Stillman, Mike Love's attorney.

The suit also names Beach Boys co-founder, Brian Wilson, who stopped touring with The Beach Boys in 1964 because of mental and emotional problems. Until 2003, Wilson and his property had been subject to a legal conservatorship. Wilson's second wife was appointed conservator after their mid-nineties marriage.

The suit alleges that the English companies, The Mail on Sunday, and Wilson's representatives combined to deceive buyers of The Mail on Sunday that the giveaway of nearly 3 million copies of the CD, Good Vibrations, was authorized by Mike Love and The Beach Boys. The "give away" of a free CD including five Love/Wilson co-authored hits was designed to promote sales of Brian Wilson's Smile. Smile has generally been recognized as the most famous unreleased album in Rock and Roll. It was originally created by The Beach Boys in 1968 and is owned by them. The suit alleges that the Smile CD and the "give-away" CD, Good Vibrations, were fraudulently marketed using The Beach Boys' names and images without permission.

Mike Love stated, "Once again the people around Brian, my cousin and collaborator on many hits, who I love and care about, have used him for their own financial gain without regard to his rights, or my rights, or even the rights of the estates of his deceased brothers, Carl and Dennis, and their children." Love and Carl Wilson were always identified as the leaders of The Beach Boy's touring band until Carl's 1998 death. In every Beach Boy's concert, Love and Bruce Johnston (who eventually replaced Brian Wilson in the touring group in 1965) lovingly acknowledge Carl.

Love said, "Unfortunately, history repeats itself. Because of Brian's mental issues he has always been vulnerable to manipulation. I simply want to stop the infringers and stop the deception!"

In 1988 Love co-authored, without Brian, The Beach Boys' biggest hit, "Kokomo," and in 1994 won a multi-million dollar judgment against Brian and his representatives for failing to credit him for thirty-five songs, including several hits that were misappropriated by defendants in this case. Mike Love currently tours as the lead singer with The Beach Boys performing over 150 concerts per year.


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