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Friday, November 11, 2005

Mike Love Appears On Crypto-fascist's TV Show

Mike Love broke cover and spoke with Fox News' Bill O'Rilley, here's what he said according to the SMILEY SMILE MESSAGE BOARD.

Here's what the BILL O'REILLY archive has to say:

Back of Book Segment, "Bad Vibrations", Guest: Mike Love

“Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love is suing his cousin and former bandmate Brian Wilson, complaining that Wilson gave away millions of their songs without his knowledge or approval. 'Brian is being mishandled by people around him,' Love told The Factor. 'They are giving away millions of CDs of our songs to promote Brian's new album, using the Beach Boys name and likenesses. The people surrounding Brian have been unreasonable. I love my cousin Brian and the things we did together were great, but that doesn't justify some of the things that have been done in his name by the people around him.' The Factor extended an open invitation to Brian Wilson to appear at any time.”