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Friday, September 09, 2005

Whole Lotta Love


"To see that your songs are appreciated four decades after you began making them up is a really good thing," Mike Love said, speaking from Pittsburgh, before a show there. "We see a total cross section of people enjoying the Beach Boys' music."

"I think it shows promoters that the Beach Boys still have a viable career," Love said.

Mike Love describes his relationship with Brian Wilson as only "decent."

"It's a little weird because the people around him have him focused on a solo career, so he's going off and doing his Brian Wilson solo endeavors. That's the direction they've chosen to go in. It's OK, but I'd be open to doing something with him if the opportunity presented itself."

Asked about the state of his relationship with Jardine, Love admits that "it's a bit strained. There's some residual things going on with the lawsuit that he lost. But he has some things on appeal, and until that plays out, there will be this distance between us. Once that's resolved, we can re-approach our relationship."

"The songs are complicated enough to keep your mind engaged. Creatively speaking, they're artful. They're challenging to do. I co-authored a bunch of hit songs with my cousin Brian that are still loved by people. We're touring. Our music is appreciated. What's not to like?"