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Friday, September 02, 2005

Life On The Road Suits Brian Wilson

YAHOO NEWS "Yeah, I like it. I have a good time on the road," Brian Wilson told The Associated Press by phone recently from a hotel room in Kansas City, Mo., where the 63-year-old musician was making the latest stop on a worldwide concert tour that began nearly a year ago.

"It feels great to know that we rehearsed it and got it down and are finally performing it for people," an upbeat Wilson says of the piece he once envisioned as "a teenage symphony to God. I never did think we would. But we did!"

"Oh yeah, I still get antsy. Before every show. But my wife is with me and I've got a good right-hand man. So we're doing great."

"I think there's a lot of love that went into our music. A lot of love," he says.

Wilson plans to record what he describes only vaguely as "a rock and roll album. I have some songs, I have about five songs, that I've written," he said. "We've got about a half a dozen more to do."

"I don't have any personal plans, I really don't," he mused. "Music, that's my favorite recreation. Making music."