A Totally Subjective Round-Up of Brian Wilson/Beach Boys News, Gossip & Trivia

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Let The Drooling Begin!

Disc: 6 DVD-R Box Set
Source: Broadcast and pro-shot film footage/soundboard
Label: TV Tunes

This incredible six-DVD-R box set sports the best from four decades of Beach Boys visuals: Broadcasts, news and concert footage, rare interviews and a whole lot more. It also comes with a nice, glossy 20-page booklet with detailed track info and lots of great photos. Here's (most, but not all) of what you get:

DVD ONE: This incredible BB box kicks off with their performances from the "T.A.M.I. Show" (edited out of the actual feature film for goofy legal reasons) along with: Shindig; the Andy Williams Show; Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremonies w/ Brian; 1979 Easter Seal Telethon w/ Brian; "The Monkey's Uncle" movie w/ Annette Funicello; more H'Wood W.O.F. footage; Fridays TV show from 6/20/'80 w/ Brian; w/ "Cousin' Brucie" Morrow on 8/29/'75; the Midnight Special from 10/30/'79 w/ Brian; massive news coverage (incl. interviews) of their huge summer 1977 Central Park, N.Y. concert; and finally.....Brian on The Mike Douglas Show on 12/8/'76 (two songs and an almost surreal interview which must be watched closely to be believed--YOU'LL FLIP OVER WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR!).

DVD TWO: In Hawaii - 20th Anniversary; "Endless Summer" TV commercial w/ slates; BB Medley; RARE Carl solo performance and interview; EPK - "30 Years Of Good Vibrations" w/ Brian; "Getcha Back" promo; BB's 20th Avvinersary Special w/ clips from the Kraft Music Hall, and the Andy Williams/David Frost/Ed Sullivan shows in master quality.

DVD THREE: The NBC Beach Boys Special from summer, 1976 complete with all the songs PLUS Van Dyke Parks interview; the Wilson family w/ Paul & Linda McCartney at party; Dennis as beauty-contest judge; Belushi & Aykroyd skit; BBs as hosts of the Midnight Special on 8/31/'79; American Bandstand on 9/1/'79. Brian appears on all but two tracks on this disc.

DVD FOUR: The complete Washington Monument concert on July 4, 1980; Central Park, N.Y.C. on August 8, 1971; Hyde Park, London (featuring Elto John); the Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen shows.

DVD FIVE: 1988 film bio including RARE footage; American Bandstand from April 18, 1964; "Pet Sounds" special (aired only twice); "Going Platinum" w/ Ben Fong-Torres (lots of interviews and performances w/ Brian); Brian in N.Y. on 7/31/'98 including in-store signing, interview, performance and fan interview; "Home Improvement" w/ the BBs (FIRST airing with NO re-editing).

DVD SIX: Various promotional films from 1965-'70; Al Jardine and Mike Love on the Mike Douglas Show in 9/'76; Tonight Show from 6/28/'84 w/ D.C. clips; 1984 Olympic Gala including - get the Digitalis, gang - O.J. and Nicole Simpson at end!; and the Regis Philbin Show from 9/2/'96 -- CARL'S LAST PERFORMANCE ON T.V and much more....