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Friday, September 16, 2005

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Covers Brian Wilson's "Wonderful"

MINSK “The Sameness of Difference was honestly a joy to make. We've never been so unrestricted before in the creative process, ” states bassist Reed Mathis. “All the way from conception to completion, every aspect of the project flowed. It seemed to create itself as we went along. Anybody who's ever made a record knows how rare it is to achieve that kind of flow.”

“We have about 13 records that we've made, but this is the first time I have actually witnessed a record making itself, ” declares pianist Brian Haas. “We were lucky enough to have Joel Dorn producing the session and Gene Paul engineering the session. Their old school energy balanced out our new school approach, and by the end of the first day in the studio, the record was done! Joel said he hadn't made a record like that since the last Rahsaan Roland Kirk album!”

“The first time I saw them it immediately struck me how high the group's level of musicianship was; their interaction was so tight and precise, ” states Joel Dorn. “They're creating music that's completely modern, but at the same time it has those very same qualities that appealed to me in the work of artists like Charles Lloyd and Keith Jarrett.”

“This is a much more relaxed and user-friendly version of the band, ” states drummer Jason Smart. “We used to be intentionally jagged and avant-garde, but now we're able to say more with less and in the process bring a wider audience into the fold. In my mind, it's a much higher and more evolved form of expression.”