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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Isolée Slays The Competition

As previously tipped HERE, Rajko Müller, aka Isolée, released a highly acclaimed album this year titled “Wearemonster”. This is one of our most favorite electronic albums of 2005.

Writer Philip Sherbourne recently wrote an extensive piece on this incredible album for SF WEEKLY. "I initially had the idea [for the title] because I was working on tracks where I was using voices in a strange way," recalls Müller, but as the record began to morph and mutate, so did the beastly theme. "I came to feel like the tracks themselves were monsters, because I'd worked so long on them, and I couldn't step back from them," he says.

Müller cites many practical reasons for the long hiatus between albums: "Sometimes I just wasn't really into electronic music. I was a little bored with what I heard in clubs." He dug into the Beach Boys and bought tube amps and guitar effects. Finally, he says, "The pressure to release a second album -- it had to be something special, but I knew I couldn't do something similar to [my last album].”