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Friday, August 05, 2005

On The Hunt For Reds Ca. '73


Recently had an interview with May Pang (John Lennon's girlfriend during his "lost weekend") for EARCANDY and she had a bizarre story about Brian...

E.C.: I also recently interviewed Micky Dolenz, and in his book he relates a story of hanging out with John, Harry Nilsson, and Brian Wilson at a Malibu Beach house. Was Brian Wilson a regular with this group?

May: I don’t remember Brian hanging out with us that much. Brian, we saw a couple of times. We saw him once at this birthday party…in fact, that was the first time that we had seen him, was at this birthday party. I think it was for Ricky Martin- I’m talking about Dean Martin’s son – it was like his 18th birthday or something. I remember seeing this guy – and this was when he was really heavy – and I saw him coming towards us and went, “Oh my god”. And I whispered under my breath, as I did quite often with John, and I said, “The man that’s about to come over to us is Brian Wilson. Remember, we saw Dennis Wilson, his brother, the other day? This is Brian…Beach Boy”. And he turned around and he was like, “Ohhh”. Because you don’t recognize how big he went, “Hi Brian”. And you could see this look in his eyes as he said, “Hey man, you have any reds?” John looked at him and said, “Don’t do that stuff, sorry man”. And he walked away. That’s where Brian was at that moment in time.

It was an interesting evening. And Elton came to that party. Our main purpose was to go meet Elizabeth Taylor. And at that same party was when we met David Bowie. We were actually introduced to Bowie by Elizabeth Taylor.


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