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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mark London Speaks Out On '05 SMiLE Tour Merch


That worries me! Did you guys
look for the merch stand?

There's new T-shirts, one of which is
the sun design with '66 Brian in the middle
that I created for the LP and that Wil projects
behind the band at the end of the SMiLE part
of the concert. I've updated the tourbook to
add the Grammy page, DVD ad and a note of
memory of our dear lost cello playing pal.

The round poster is there, there's a
groovy little pack that has 2 stickers
& 2 jacket buttons...(which along with the
metallic silver sun shirt, won the Rodney
Bingenheimer Godhead! stamp of approval)
did I mention there's a bunch of cool stuff there?

Your mission if you choose to accept it; find the goods!

And uh......lemme know ya did!

~ ML ~

Oh yeah...Pedestal SMiLE coffee mug is on the way too

~ ML ~

Judging from the 14 bootlegs I've
just seen, I'll bet someone will come
up with it!

~ ML ~


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