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Thursday, July 28, 2005

You Don't Have To Smile-- It's Just A "Phoner"

Transcript of a 1967 phone interview between Brian Wilson and Jack Wagner:

J: Here's an album called Smiley Smile, by the Beach Boys. A different sound for the group this time, however, and I, uh, I think you'll really find it interesting. But before I play it for you, I'm happy to say that the head man of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, is on the line with me right now. How are you Brian?

BW: Fine, how are you, Jack?

J: Fine thanks. Now about this album, Brian, you've uh, you've done some unusual things here. For one thing, in addition to the kind of music you've recorded, you've eliminated the echo effect so often used in recording.

BW: Uh, well, that's true, because we had, we didn't have an echo chamber at the studio, and uh, we just sort of liked the sound of that echo so most of it ended up without echo, you know?

J: By studio, you mean the studio at your home, isn't that right?

BW: Yeah, most of it, yeah.

J: Is this sound and material an indication of things to come for such groups as your Beach Boys?

BW: Well, I don't know, I just think it's not really an indication of things to come for us or anything. It's just, uh, it's, we just, uh, had a particular atmosphere, you know, that we were working in that inspired that particular kind of things that were on the album.

J: Uh huh.

BW: Uh, we, you know, did it in three weeks. We had about six months before that we were doing different things but we junked.

J: Uh huh.

BW: And uh, ended up doing the whole thing here at the house, with a sort of an entirely different mood and approach than when we originally started out, you know?

J: Mm hmm. Well Brian, I'm gonna, uh, give our listeners a sample of this Smiley Smile album of yours right about here, and this is one you call "With Me Tonight." Here are the Beach Boys.
(Plays track)

J: From our featured album for this session, Smiley Smile by the Beach Boys, that was "With Me Tonight". And if you just tuned in, we just happen to have Brian Wilson, the leader of the Beach Boys on the phone with us here. Uh, Brian, who was that at the beginning of this track we just played who said "good" right while you were singing?

BW: That's a guy named Arny Geller.

J: Uh huh. Well, what was the reason for that?

BW: Well, uh, it was an accident, but it worked out just right.

J: Where was he?

BW: He was in the studio, in the booth, and he said "good", you know?

J: Ha ha ha. Yeah.

BW: And it just worked out.

J: I see.

BW: So we left it in.

J: I get it. Well, Brian, thanks very much for, uh, being with us here on the phone and telling us about this, uh, Smiley Smile album. It was nice having you on the show again.

BW: Well, thank you Jack, and I'm glad you liked the album.

J: Right. See you soon Brian.

BW: OK, Jack.

J: Alright, telephone guest Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

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