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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Beach Boys To Play Equine Advocates Benefit


Mike Love, of The Beach Boys, recently took time from his vacation in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the band's future, its past and their support for causes like Equine Advocates.

"We've been very fortunate over the years, and we're happy to lend a hand to worthy causes. Equine Advocates certainly seems to fall into that category," said the 64-year-old California native. "We just received the 'Keeper of the Coast' award, which is given out every five years and we're doing a benefit later this summer for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. We're just thrilled to be in a position to help."

''’Good Vibrations' was nominated for a Grammy but lost out to 'Monday, Monday' by the Mamas and Papas, which is incomprehensible," laughed Love. "But we've gotten a lot of accolades. Paul McCartney has said that 'God Only Knows' was the perfect song and that 'Pet Sounds' was required listening for his kids. And 'Good Vibrations' was listed in Rolling Stone as the number one single of all time. I co-wrote that with my cousin Brian (Wilson). So many other things are derivative of what came before, but 'Good Vibrations' was unique in its structure and its instrumentation -- it was perhaps our psychedelic answer to the times. I'm most proud of being involved in that one."

Love has recently completed a bunch of original songs for a new CD, called 'Mike Love, Not War,' which, according to the singer, is philosophical in nature. "(On the CD) there is a song called 'Make Love, Not War.' It's definitely a rock 'n' roll song, but it's about how there ought to be a better way than just going to war to settle differences. This is the first solo release by me in decades, and I'm really excited by the sound we've come up with,' he said. "In the near future I'd love to do another live CD because I think we (the Beach Boys) sound great right now," Love added. "I'd also like to do a symphonic album because so many of our songs lend themselves to symphonies. And if Brian wanted to get together and do some writing and arranging and recording I'd be open to that."

"Songs like 'In My Room' and 'God Only Knows' are famously melancholy songs, but primarily it's songs about cars and surfing and 'Be True To Your School,' etc., it's very positive," Love said. "We focused on the positive more than the negative. We chose to be very upbeat. We weren't complete idiots, we knew the world was full of problems and challenges, but we didn't sing about them. And that has born fruit over time. Our songs are predisposed to having a good time."


Blogger It's The Friendly! said...

I'm pretty sure Mike is remembering wrong...Good Vibrations lost out to "Winchester Cathedral", not "Monday Monday".

2:29 AM

Blogger DJ M said...

I'd trust your memory of Mike's anyday! Thanks so much for the comment.

4:23 PM


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